View Trailer Rated : (M) Offensive language & sexual references Running Time : 1 hour 31 minutes Director : David White Starring : David White, Robyn Malcolm, Rima Te Wiata, Alice May Connolly, Aaron Cortesi, Loren Taylor, Jim Moriarty, Danny Mulheron Genre : Comedy Release Date : August 6, 2020

This Town

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Acquitted of a crime, a young man tries to rebuild his life while an ex-cop turned Petting Zoo Owner, convinced of his murderous tendencies, tries to prove his guilt.

Five years ago, Sean’s (David White) family was murdered. Charged but acquitted of the crime, he is now the most infamous person in the small community of This Town – his whole life defined by this single event. Despite everything, Sean’s ready to move on, starting where any millennial would: by stepping into the world of digital dating. Pam (Robyn Malcolm) was the officer in charge of the investigation. Tormented by the murders and how a guilty man walked free, she’s been soured against the justice system.  Abandoning the police force, Pam has started a small petting zoo and adventure park, but is unable to move on until justice … and an alpaca or two … have been served.

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